Online Teambuilding-Event (EN)

The musical online team-building event

Surprisingly different. Extremely entertaining.

Get together with your colleagues from all over the world. Enjoy a virtual team building event full of fun, live music and interactive games. A powerful team experience via video conferencing!

The following companies say ‘thank you’ for successful joint events:

Joey Kelly verkleinert

‘Funny, musically gifted and the most important: a sense for the audience. Guys, I’m your number one fan!’

Musician and extreme athlete

Your event can look like this:

You’ve come to the end of an online meeting or logged in specifically to a meeting for a surprise.

The Show

After a short announcement we appear and start our show. It consists of various components, for example:

  • Musical games to guess along (2 songs in one, which department recognises both titles first?)
  • Music style wish concert (you decide in which genre the next song will be performed)
  • Popular classics to enjoy (or have you ever heard Bohemian Rhapsody performed by a duo?)
  • A custom song written especially for your company
  • And, of course, fun, a lot of interaction and much more…

Your whole team was challenged, laughed together, puzzled, maybe even sang and danced and is ready again for the endeavours ahead. Afterwards, the team is either motivated to go back to the conference, the daily work routine or the well-deserved end of the day.


Up to 1000 participants

Show in English

45-60 minutes

Individual concept

What our customers say

‘The best virtual event we’ve experienced so far, and we really thought we’d seen the limit of what can be done as far as virtual team building activities go. We’d already had an online magic show, wine tasting, etc…! Your music show was refreshingly different and topped everything that we had previously seen. The constant interaction made it extremely entertaining until the very last second. Your song, especially written for our company, was the icing on the cake. Thank you very, very much!’

Johannes Witting


‘In our company we have a big focus on our ecological footprint, so we avoid unnecessary air travel and only bring our locations together on very, very special occasions, maybe every 3 years. Your online event is absolutely brilliant for refuelling our team with new motivation in between actual meetings!’


‘Really, really good. We didn’t think it would work so well online. Our whole team was thrilled and experienced such a fantastic conclusion to the programme, so much so that our colleagues are still talking about it today. We are all looking forward to the next live event, but now we also know that the online event can make a real difference and at a fraction of the cost of a live event. Flo and Chris, we will definitely meet again (online)…!’

Björn Kehl

Dr. Oetker

‘Very practical. We normally need a few months’ notice to organise the location, food, transport, etc. and book them in time. It was great that we were able to experience the event within 2 weeks. With your online event, we only had to send out the link once to everyone, saving a lot of time and work, not to mention money!’

Theresa Wurm zugeschnitten verkleinert

Hyundai Capital Bank Europe

Rolf Zuckowski

‘Sensational! I haven’t seen anything like this before.’


Seitlich halbbreit

Your own song for your company

As a special highlight, we’ll write a custom song for your company. This creates a strong, emotional moment that puts a smile on your guest’s faces and strengthens the feeling of togetherness in a special way. 

For this purpose, we’ll arrange a meeting with you in advance, so that we can incorporate your most important topics into the song

And then, everything is ready for the big surprise!

How do I book the
virtual team building event?


Phone Call

Great Experience


played shows

band of the year


happy guests


years on tour

Why virtual team building?

Say thank you to your employees

It doesn't always take a huge company summer party to say thank you to your employees. With the new online options, you can even give recognition several times a year, for even better results and greater cohesion.


There are only two things that need to be done for a successful online musical team building event: Send a link to your colleagues and have fun together! 🙂

No costs when
compared to live events

Travel costs, accommodation, location rental, catering, other attractions... depending on how big you want your get-together to be, you will have to pay quite a bit of money. You can save all that by offering your employees a great online show!

Good for
the environment

Without air, train or car travel, only equipped with laptop or desktop pc, all emissions are reduced to a minimum. Virtual team building activities are good for the planet, your conscience, your children and grandchildren.

Gruppe 135@2x

‘Flo & Chris always manage to excite our guests and me extraordinarily.’

Prime Minister, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany

Who is behind it all?

Flo & Chris
the 2-man-party-highlight!

Over 15 years of entertainment experience, over 1000 shows, over 500,000 enthusiastic guests. There is hardly a leading company in Germany for which the two have not yet played. In addition, they have awards from radio stations such as ‘Band of the year’, ‘Party Band of the year’, and much more…

Flo & Chris are Florian Fenner and Christoph Stark from Mainz, Germany. Since 2009, they have been touring Germany and Europe as an award-winning band. With their unique show concept, they ensure a fantastic party atmosphere and enthusiastic employees. As sought-after band coaches, they also pass on their knowledge and experience to other artists.

Now they have developed the Flo & Chris online teambuilding event especially for globally positioned companies – the most successful online music format in Germany today.

Flo & Chris vor Publikum

We look forward to getting to know you!

You are only 3 small steps away from a unique online musical team building event:


Click on the button and create a request. We will get back to you within the next 12 hours (even on weekends).


We’ll give you a call. In the conversation, we will find out how our digital show format can best support your company and your wishes. All important questions will be clarified. If we discover that we can help you, we’ll arrange a date for the show and send you the order confirmation.


Experience our musical online teambuilding event together with your employees, suppliers or customers. We just know that your team will rave about the event for a long time. You will have fun together, even though you are not in the same room.

Rea Garvey verkleinert

‘Awesome Show. You really rocked the crowd.’


Frequently asked questions

Very simple. First of all, we decide whether or not we are still available on the date and at the time you require. Then you tell us about your plans. How many participants are there, what have you already planned and, of course, what is important to you and what you wish to achieve with the show?

When we have all the information, we will create a customised offer that fits you and your company.

Does the offer sound good to you?

Perfect! We’ll send you an order confirmation directly and set up the next phone appointment in case there are any last details to be clarified. All you need to do then is wait for the big day!

This is exactly the question we asked ourselves at the beginning. The clear answer is: yes, it works!

Our music show is interactive and can NOT be compared to ordinary live or online concerts. For example, we have interludes in a quiz format (we play two songs at the same time and you have to guess which two songs they are) or your guests can choose in which genre we play the next song.

Through our state-of-the-art studio and online conferencing technology, we also create an experience for you and your business partners in which every audience member has a front row seat. Each attendee can interact with us via voice or chat and feel like they are right in the middle of the action.

After over 50 successful online team building events, we can say that in terms of interaction, they work even better than live events, but shhh…. 😉

Interaction with the audience is a central aspect of our performance and it is precisely this interaction that makes it so special.  Without this interaction, you may as well just watch a YouTube video.

This is why we recommend to every client that the cameras of most participants should be turned on. Of course, this is not a must if a participant is not comfortable with it. We have had virtual events with several hundred viewers where we couldn’t look everyone in the eye and the viewers still had a blast and were able to interact.

Well, of course, that’s the whole point!

On the one hand, our show is optimised to bring joy, laughter and fun. It is a breeze through the hustle and bustle of everyday life and much more. On the other hand, the guests are a major reason that the concept works so well. When the boss, who everyone only knows as a calm numbers man, suddenly starts dancing in the office, then all hell usually breaks loose in the Zoom Call…! 😀

Sit back and relax! We take care of all the technical aspects. Not only do we make sure that everything is clear in our studio, but we also take care of the virtual contact with your clients, vendors, and employees’ homes so they can enjoy the full experience.

In addition, we have a friendly hostess (or host) who greets all the guests in the room and watches over them during the show to make sure that everything is working. She or he also acts as a point of contact for you during the show in case any queries arise.

That’s no problem at all. We’ve had online musical team building events with close to 1000 participants. You can send the link to our virtual show to as many participants as you like. Every single viewer will still get a front row seat and be with us right away.

We recommend our musical online teambuilding event to any company that wants to say a heartfelt thank you to their employees or simply wants to strengthen a sense of community.

Many companies have told us that they will do face-to-face events again in the future, but no longer annually, as this often proves too costly. That’s why they plan a mixture of online and offline events.

Even so, the musical online teambuilding event can be a great idea to keep motivation high among employees.

Both are possible.

You can simply send your guests a link we provide and invite them at a specific time. Then we will play you a standalone show.

Alternatively, it is no problem if you have already planned an event with a programme. Then we will simply join your conference software and play our show at the time of your choice.

We were asked by a friend if we could do an online Christmas show for his company? At first, we were unsure if it would work, but then decided to go for it. It met with surprising success! Since then, we have continued to perfect the show and have been able to bring joy to many people with it.

There are many musicians who consistently resist this new concept and others who recognise new opportunities. To our knowledge, our musical team building event is unique in this form. We have developed the show to be perfectly tailored to the virtual world. Each online music show is highly interactive, entertaining and tailored to your particular needs.

The earlier the better! We can only play a limited number of shows each day. If your corporate event is to take place on a fixed date and you cannot be flexible, we recommend that you contact us promptly. Currently, we receive about 5-10 requests per day, which means that our musical teambuilding events fill up very quickly, especially the evening/afternoon dates.

Whatever your needs, please feel free to contact us, even if you are looking for a special entertainment for your employees at very short notice. It is not uncommon for us to find a gap for an online show for your company’s event.

Ideally, we’ll send you a link to our Zoom conference room. Our show makes use of many of Zoom’s features (such as various camera fixes), which are controlled by one of our technicians. Also, Zoom has the Hi-Fi mode, which makes sure that the sound is optimally configured for music. If this is possible for you, that’s just perfect!

Nevertheless, we have also played many shows on other platforms like Teams, WebEx and many more. The easiest way is to discuss this with each other in the first phone call. The show has never failed because of the conference software yet… 😉

We have different options and will adapt to your wishes.

So far, it has proven particularly useful to have either a show in one stretch of 45-60 minutes, or a ‘few songs in between other programme points’. The latter works particularly well if we accompany an award show or another online event.  But let’s discuss this in our first call.

We have already played over fifty musical online teambuilding events. At the same time, we have been on the road as a duo for over 13 years, performing throughout Europe and playing almost 1000 shows together. We know how to provide the moments that really stay in your memory. 🙂

We have already performed for many well-known companies from the DAX and MDAX, as well as many medium-sized companies.

Easy! Just send an email with your questions to or call us at +49 176 631 890 61 and we will help you as soon as possible!

We are looking forward to hearing your request!

By email to, by phone to +49 151 178 061 30 or via the contact form.

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